Cute Nautical Sailor Boy


This year has started off with some commissioned designs. Something I am doing more and more of, and loving it.

Its great when someone is inspired, or maybe they have a song they want visualized or maybe they need a personalized design just for them! I love working with people and helping them make their ideas come to life!


I finally sat down to work on the first one from my current lineup. The request was for a nautical theme for a little baby, so my first inspiration was this cute little sailor boy and his animal friends.

Working entirely on my ipad for the concept design, I wanted to give it that rounded, cutie look.


Of course, from here, its time to hit Illustrator and find that appealing repeat. That part can really be challenging… but the most challenging part for me is usually the colors.

Final result for this ended up really simple, I chose to stick with that classic dark blue, and added some red cheeks for a little pop.


This could end up on some blankets or clothing really soon if this design is approved! Excited to see what happens next!

Check out my portfolio for all the colorways!

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